Rural Students' Scholarships Program

The education and well-being of underprivileged children has been a priority for Berendina since its inception in 1987. As such, Berendina awards over 1000 scholarships annually to talented and keen underprivileged students in the plantation sector and rural areas so they can continue their studies without an interruption. Some of these are post-disaster and post-conflict areas where the most marginalized communities live. This scheme effectively sees students through their Advanced Level to Undergraduate studies in two phases of scholarship disbursements. Last year Berendina gave scholarships worth of Rs. 10 million and during the next five years, Berendina plans to gradually expand the scholarship programme to reach at least 5,000 underprivileged students per year.

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S. Subaskar

S. Subaskar (Age 18) is the elder son of a small scale paddy farmer. His mother is a house wife.

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Nimanthika Fernando (Aged 19) lives in Hakbellavaka GN Division situated in the Yatiyantota area, in the...

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Mafaza (Age 17) is currently pursuing her Advanced level studies in the Biological science...

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Criteria for Bright Student Scholarships
Scholarships for Advanced Level Studies
  • Should have completed G.C.E. O/L with a minimum of 6 Credit Passes including a Credit Pass for Maths in one sitting.
  • Eligible to pursue G.C.E A/L in their chosen streams.
  • Students who have repeated their G.C.E. O/L examinations are not eligible for the Bright Student Scholarships.
Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies
  • Should have completed G.C.E. O/L with a minimum of 6 Credit Passes including a Credit Pass for Maths in one sitting.
Income level
  • Students whose familie's per-capita income is less than Rs. 5,000/- per month are eligible to be supported by this programme.
  • Students whose families are recipients of Samurdhi / PAMA (Public Monthly Allowance) would have an added advantage in the selection process.
  • Final decision on the scholars will be taken at the discretion of the scholarship administration committee.
Monitoring and review methods
  • Principal of the School will be required to submit each scholar's exam results at the end of the academic year to the scholarship administration committee. Scholars are normally required to achieve a minimum average score of 40% in Maths and Science streams, 50% in Technical and Commerce stream and 60% Arts stream in every academic year.

  • Principal is required to submit the annual attendance rate of each scholar to the scholarship administration committee.
  • Students who fail to achieve the above stipulated threshold levels will normally be disqualified to continue with the scholarships programme. However, they will be given one chance to achieve the required scores in the subsequent term exam, and if successful, will be re-instated in the scholarship programme. The final decision will be taken at the discretion of the management.
  • District Manager will visit schools bi-annually to monitor the programme.
  • Monitoring visits will also be conducted by Program Auditor/ General Manager on pre-agreed intervals.
Geographical locations

Currently, the scholarship program is availed to students in the following geographical areas. As such, only students living in these areas are eligible to apply.