P.T Nadeera Sewwandi's Story

Twenty-one-year-old Nadeera lives in the Gandara village located in the Dondra DS division in the Matara district and is part of a Samurdhi-recipient family. She is the third child in the family of five children and has a younger brother and a sister, who are still attending school. The three children live in a small house along with their parents while her elder brother and sister, live elsewhere as they are married. Her father, the only breadwinner in the family, is a fish-monger earning a meager income while her mother is a housewife. Nadeera registered with the Berendina Employment Center (BEC) following the completion of her A/L examination with the aim of finding employment close to her hometown, Matara. Although she was directed to two job offers by BEC, she was however not interested. In May 2015, BEC guided her to an interview at Sakura Book Center, Nupe, Matara. She was selected for the job as a Sales Assistant/Clerk for a monthly basic salary of Rs. 11,500/=. Once she was employed, she was able to self-finance her studies by paying the course-fees for a one-year Diploma course on Human Resource Management through her salary and has also been able to complete the course as well. Presently, she is helping her younger brother’s and sister’s education with the knowledge she had acquired. Nadeera is very happy with her job and conveys her gratitude to BEC for aiding her in finding suitable employment and helping her build a pathway to a successful career. This is what the proprietor of the company she works for has to say; “Sewandi is a very hardworking, honest and trustworthy character and has been promoted as a Center Manager with effect from May 2016. Now her monthly salary is LKR 22,000.00 and she also enjoys both EPF and ETF benefits.”