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S. Subaskar, Mahilavettuvan, Manmunai West, Batticaloa

S. Subaskar (Age 18) is the elder son of a small scale paddy farmer. His mother is a house wife. Subaskar is currently reading for his G.C.E Advanced level studies in the Maths stream and sat for his G.C.E ordinary level examination in 2013 obtaining outstanding results and was ranked first in the DS division.
Subaskar studied at his local village school up to his ordinary level examination and subsequently entered a school in Batticaloa town to pursue his advanced level studies. Subaskar now stays in a hostel in Batticaloa town to attend school and also needs to attend required tuition classes for his studies. Since Subaskar's father was finding difficulties in paying for his accommodation and tuition fees with the family limited income, he was identified by BDS for a bright student scholarship of Rs. 1000 per month in 2014.
Subaskar is able to cover some of his tuition fees through the Berendina scholarship.
Expressing their thanks to Berendina Subaskar's father stated "I am very happy with the solid support given by your organization towards the educational expenses of my child, even though it is not enough to cover all expenses, we deeply appreciate the guaranteed regular monthly allowance towards the education of my son".
Subaskar talking of his future plans stated that he plans to enter university and qualify as an electrical engineer.