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Nimanthika Fernando , Hakbellavaka, Yatiyantota

Nimanthika Fernando (Aged 19) lives in Hakbellavaka GN Division situated in the Yatiyantota area, in the Kegalle district,with her mother Rupa( Aged 54). Nimanthika's father had left the family about 17 years ago and she was raised by Rupa, all by herself. In order to support Nimanthika and herself,Rupa had worked at a private organization some time back.However, due to an accident which occurred at work and injuries sustained, she is very weak and partially blind. Consequently, she has not been able to engage in any type of work and the family had no proper income thus making it extremely difficult for her to purchase her prescribed medication.
In 2009, BDS identifying the plight of this family, commenced providing Rs. 1000 per month to Rupa for her medical expenses. She was also provided a pair of spectacles by BDS. Apart from this BDS, renovated the roof of their house, which was in a dilapidated condition,at a cost of Rs. 82,400. In 2010, Nimanthika passed her G.C.E Ordinary level examination with flying colors and was selected to pursue Advanced Level studies in the Arts stream. However, she faced numerous problems in pursuing her advanced level studies, since she could not afford to attend any extra classes. Therefore, in 2011 a bright student scholarship of Rs.1000 per month was granted to Nimanthika to pursue her Advanced Level studies.  
Nimanthika sat for her Advanced Level examination in 2014 and was selected to the University of Kelaniya to study Fine Arts.Talking of her future plans,Nimanthika states "I hope to became an art teacher or do something in the field of arts after completing my degree"