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Mafaza, Etalai, Kalpitiya, Puttalam

Mafaza (Age 17) is currently pursuing her Advanced level studies in the Biological science stream at a local Muslim Girl's School. Mafaza's family consists of her two younger brothers' and her mother. Mafaza's father has left the family and provides the family no support. Previously, her mother has been supporting the family through labour work and was earning around Rs.400 per day and this was the only source of income for the family.
When Mafaza was selected to study bio-science for her advanced level examination, she was hesitant to pursue her studies in this area due to the family's poverty and subsequent difficulties she would face in attending required tuition classes. However, at the insistence of her mother she had continued her studies in the bio-science stream. Due to their financial difficulties, Mafaza was not able to attend any extra classes and relied solely on her school education. She also faced difficulties in purchasing required text books for her studies.
In 2014, Mafaza was identified for a Bright Student Scholarship by Berendina and was provided Rs. 1000 per month for her educational expenses. With this allowance Mafaza is now able to attend tuition classes for two subjects in Puttalam town and is also able to utilize this money towards covering some of her transport expenses to attend these classes.
Mafaza has many plans for the future she states "I want to be an educated person in society and want to do my higher studies and also want to work hard to achieve my dreams".